We present a selection of member recollections for Delcampe’s 20th birthday. We asked three questions: How did you discover Delcampe? What memory or anecdote about the website would you like to share? What do you wish Delcampe for its 20th birthday?

Our members are our best ambassadors! Thanks to Gillet29, qsx14, texspm and collectionnnneur for sharing their stories!


I discovered Delcampe completely by chance. I was recently retired and I wanted to do something with my postcards. I searched the Internet and I immediately found an American website, which, after trying a few times really wasn’t what I was looking for …Then one day, I found Delcampe! The website wasn’t used very much in Quebec in 2004, but it met my expectations!

My best memory of Delcampe is the great dedication and courage Sébastien showed for his project. He has been able to create a website dedicated to collectors and has surrounded himself with a loyal team.

To celebrate the website’s 20th birthday, I’m opening a bottle of red and drinking to the good health of the team. I wish you a never-ending future. Happy birthday to all!

Gillet29, Quebec


I’ve been a member of Delcampe for 19 years and I have to admit that I can’t remember how I found the website! Either a collector friend pointed me in the right direction or I came across it by chance on the Internet looking for stamps to sell…

A funny thing happened to me a few years ago! I bought a lot on Delcampe from a member of my own stamp club I’d seen the previous Sunday. I didn’t know he was a member of the website! Delcampe lets us be in contact with people on the other side of the world and just down the street!

Happy birthday to the website and the entire Delcampe team! Keep up the same spirit which motivates you and shows through. To many more years of purchases and sales for the pleasure of collectors!

Qsx14, France


I discovered Delcampe in 2003 when I typed in “Miquelon” on Google at the time!

My best memory on Delcampe is from the early years of the website. There weren’t very many of us and we waited until the very last seconds to make a higher bid! It was really exciting!

Happy birthday, Delcampe! Congratulations, and keep promoting stamp collecting…

Texspm, Saint-Pierre et Miquelon


I discovered Delcampe 13 years ago. I go to the website several times a day because I collect stamps from France and postcards and…I’m always very happy with it!

It isn’t easy for me to visit dealers, but I can complete my collections thanks to the website.

The website was recommended to me at the time, by a stamp collector friend. I was immediately impressed by the many items available.

My best memory of the website is sharing my passion for Lisa vignettes with an experienced collector who taught me a great deal but who, unfortunately, passed away two years ago. When he died, his wife sent me a nice gift to thank me for the joy we gave him during the last days of his life. I was very moved!

For its 20th birthday, I wish Delcampe a long life and that, especially during these difficult times, it will continue to provide us for a long time with the joy of sharing our collections and enriching us intellectually and personally. I also wish that the website will continue to innovate and improve, for example as it did recently with Delcampe Pay, which is very practical.

Collectionnnneur, France


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Written by Héloïse

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  1. Jag samlar på Husqvarna reklam vykort broschyrer mm så när jag sökte efter detta internationellt så kom Delecampe upp, på det viset blev jag medlem och har med hjälp av Delecampe kompletterat min Husqvarna samling många saknade vykort och broschyrer.

  2. As a member for around 15 years. I can not remember when I first joined. I started as a collector filling gaps in my collection at a reasonable price. I changed into a seller when I decided to sell my collection of world stamps collected over 60 years. I have sold to collectors from most countries around the world and made many collecting friends. Delcampe has become part of my every day life and given me a great deal of pleasure. Long may it continue and grow as it ages. jjcon48