Shipping costs are the only fees allowed on Delcampe!

    As Sébastien Delcampe announced, we have switched to a new way of working on Delcampe with commission fees no longer being paid by sellers. They are added to the price of the item seen by your buyers and therefore paid by them.

    April 26, 2024

    Improving auction sales for sellers

      From now on, the amount of the overbid that you indicate at the time of the sale will be entirely yours. The platform fees paid by the buyer will be added to the overbid you indicate.

      April 25, 2024

      For Delcampe sellers, a new membership system is on the way!

        The new site feature will give sellers a boost: no more commission fees to pay. This change is backed by a change in store policy.

        March 7, 2024

        The way Delcampe fees are applied is changing! What to expect

          The way the Delcampe website works is about to change. In case you’re curious, here's a preview of the new operation and screens!

          March 7, 2024

          Smithsonian’s National Postal Museum Launches New Virtual Exhibition

            May 23, 2023

            Tutankhamun’s centenary celebrated

              Press release from RPSL

              December 1, 2022

              The Coins of France category gets a makeover

              A few months ago, we modified our "Stamps of France" category. This time, it is now the turn of the "French Coins" category.

              September 20, 2022

              Royal Medals recognising achievement

                Press release from RPSL

                July 18, 2022

                Members enthralled by ‘New Deal’

                  Press Release from RPSL

                  April 28, 2022

                  The Centenary of Meter Marks

                    Press release from RPSL

                    February 21, 2022

                    Unusual material from the Channel Islands

                      Press release from RPSL

                      February 4, 2022

                      A truly remarkable display

                        Press release from RPSL

                        October 6, 2021