The new site feature will give sellers a boost: no more commission fees to pay. This change is backed by a change in store policy.

A free store for up to 1,000 items

Our aim is to offer all our members free access to smaller stores. To this end, if you have up to 1,000 items on sale at one time, you benefit from the Free subscription which, as its name suggests, allows you to showcase your items for free on Delcampe. If you go over this number, you have two choices: either reduce the number of items in your store, or opt for a paid subscription.

Why do you have to pay for these memberships?

Currently, the Delcampe website boasts almost 100 million items. Stocking these sales on the website comes at a price for Delcampe, and we think it only fair that those with the biggest stores should help to shoulder this cost. What’s more, overly large stores are not always an asset for the site:

  • the number of items for sale prevents your items from being referenced naturally by search engines,
  • your eye-catching new items are swallowed up by mile-long lists,
  • your items are harder to find by buyers.

We are convinced that good inventory and sales management will lead to more transactions on the Delcampe website, making things better for buyers and sellers alike!

What memberships are available and what are their prices?

There are four paid memberships, depending on store size. Here’s a table giving their names, sizes and prices. We’ve kept our prices very low, and if you’re a professional seller, do remember that you’ll benefit from a price discount, as well as the possibility to claim back VAT.

How will it work?

Commission feess will soon no longer be paid by sellers, as you already know.

A few weeks after this major change, depending on the size of your store, Delcampe will allocate you one of five memberships free of charge for a period of at least one month. At the end of this period, you have three choices:

  • You can maintain the number of items in your store and the corresponding membership.
  • You can reduce the size of your store and take out a lower or even a free membership. You can choose which sales you wish to keep. If you would rather not make this choice, your oldest sales will be automatically closed.
  • You’d like to upgrade your membership so you can offer more items for sale.

Once this system has been implemented, the membership page will be made available to you. You can then make your choice on this page, which will be included in the sell/subscribe menu at the top left of the site.

What about Club+ memberships?

Club+Bronze and Club+Silver subscriptions no longer exist.

We benefit all buyers by allowing them to create up to 100 free email alerts. They’ll be able to receive alerts for many more objects that interest them.

The Club+Gold membership will become Store Plus. This membership offers various benefits including Easy Uploader, and is taken out monthly. It will cost €9.95 per month.

Using the API requires substantial support and infrastructure, which is why this service will also become chargeable at a price of €19.95 per month.

These memberships will also be available on the website’s subscription page.

We wish you a wealth of happy sales on Delcampe.

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Written by Héloïse

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  1. Wow, that increase a lot the costs for sellers. I pay 50 Euros a year for my subscription, now it will be 240 Euros. Fees were 0.30 Euro + 3 %, I think. Now it will be 0.30 Euro + 10 %. That will work only for sellers with expensive items to sell. Seems the sellers with cheap items will need to find another alternative.

    • Hello,

      It will be the buyer, not the seller, who pays the commission. To reduce your costs, you can either reduce the number of items on sale, or choose the months in which you take out the Store Plus subscription. If you don’t use it every month, you can reduce the cost by taking it every second or third month.

      Best regards


  2. With each change, DELCAMPE worsens the relationship with sellers. Now you want to punish the sellers.
    We make the greatest effort to register the items. We pay a lot for Club+. Now we are hostage to DELCAMPE. So, you want to charge more for those who have more than 1000 items on the platform.
    You say they have a cost. Yes. But we pay for it. We pay when subscribing to Club+Gold in addition to commission fees.
    In the end, all marketplaces become equal.
    Very sad. Very disappointed with DELCAMPE.
    It’s a lot of change! There’s a change every time. Salespeople are even afraid of the changes that happen. They are always for the worse.

    • Hello,

      On the other hand, you won’t have to pay any commission. For small shops, Delcampe will be completely free, so I don’t think we can say that we’re punishing sellers!

      Best regards


      • For small shops, Delcampe will be completely free,
        This is true?
        The seller sold the lot for 100 euros, the buyer paid 100 euros,
        and the seller will receive exactly 100 euros to his account?
        and no commission for D?
        Is this what you mean when you say “completely free,”?

        • Hello,

          For the seller, it is totally free for small shop, not for the buyer. If you ask 100€, you will receive 100€, but the buyer will pay 100+0.3+ 100/10 = 110.3€. He will see your item directly at the price of 110.3€.

          Best regards


  3. I paid for a Gold Membership for a whole year, expiring in July. Will I be refunded the months from April to July, that I now miss out on? That is 4 Months.

    Best Regards

    Thomas Ringtved (Musketeren)

    • Hello,

      You will receive the Store Plus subscription as a replacement at no extra cost for the remaining period of your subscription.

      The subscription system will certainly not be introduced before May.

      Best regards


  4. Smart decision. All auctions older than a year should be closed without the possibility of relisting. I specifically have a lot of auctions that are over 10 years old and they overload the system. If something is not sold in a year, it means that it is not current and there is no point in being on the site. Until now, we have had no limit on the auction items, so we forgot about them. Thanks Sebastien for no charging fee for sellers.

  5. You mention a cost of €9.95 per month for something called Store Plus (which is supposed to replace Clib Gold), but only say that it has Easy Uploader and “various benefits”. What exactly are those “various benefits”? Do I need them if I don’t use Easy Uploader?

    • Hello,

      Among the advantages are multiple modifications (to modify many sales at once), discounts on sales options, customisation of your shop and the possibility of being listed in the Top Boutique.

      If you’re not interested in these benefits, you can sell without a Store Plus subscription. What’s more, as this is a monthly subscription, you can choose to take it out once or twice a year when you need it.

      Best regards


  6. It looks like misunderstanding.

    If someone wish to get more (which is good) that one should concentrate on new markets.
    No changes inside own market will increase profit. It is correct for healthy well developed company.

    It was already stated that the new changes punishing sellers. They are the only whose enthusiasm brings money to Delcampe. The new measures will decrease quantity and diversity of prepositions and make Delcampe less attractive to buyers: too little and in many cases too expensive. Tomeet new frames, I’ll leave expensive only items and remove all the rest of course. Looks like it is that what will be done by others.

    If I understood correctly the buyer will pay the same fees, though the amount will be larger: in models it is considered 10% like ebay, instead of 7-8% as it is till now.
    The buyer is the only one who fills the accounts. This will reduce the desire to pay.

    About diversity. Yes, there are millions of items. This market is extensive, it is a fact. If you wish more – propose more. Even to create a star system of certain mass, nature spends 10 times more mass of gas and dust. No one in the Universe can avoid the second law of thermodynamics. It is true for Delcampe.

    The only way to get more profit is to follow large companies procedures: advertise more: let newcomers empty shelves, and put more items.

    Till now here in Cyprus when someone is asking where do you sell, they immediately name “ebay” but when time come and they will say “Delcampe” it will be Delcampe, who flourish.

    • Hello,

      The change of system will also allow us to invest in marketing. At the moment, we’re making this change to meet our legal obligations but also because the margin on sales is too low to have the budgets to advertise and hire other people to develop new markets.

      Yours sincerely


  7. Let wrap up the whole issue in brief;
    1- We sellers will pay monthly fees according to number of items featured in our shops.
    2- We sellers can control – at any time – featured items to go less than 1000 items and we are totally free OR keep our inventory and pay monthly fees.
    3- Delcampe will deduct monthly fees xxxx amount from sales made on the website.
    4- Buyers will pay for the item + commission.

    Single Question here; If during a month we -sellers- did not achieve any sales matching Delcampe monthly fees, how we should pay our dues to you ?

    Overall sounds smart tempting sellers with Zero commission on sales BUT at the end we have to revise our prices to absorb buyers fees otherwise no sales will be made ! Will give it a try and see if it works or we move out.
    Thanks.. Amr

  8. It’s a solid plan. Shifting the selling fees to buyers while also charging sellers extra fees seems wise. However, it might be more beneficial to focus on attracting more buyers. My monthly turnover on Delcampe equals what I earn in a single day on eBay, which I believe underscores the potential for improvement. I’m inclined to favor paying fees on items sold over any monthly fees, but I’m open to the latter if the sales justify it. That’s my perspective on the matter.