A few months ago, we modified our "Stamps of France" category. This time, it is now the turn of the "French Coins" category.

These categories were, since the creation of the website, organized by face value. At the request of many numismatists and in order to better reflect the reality of the collecting world, we have established a new categorization based on the periods of the franc’s history (Consulate, First Empire, Louis XVIII, Charles X …)

This will make it easier to find the coins you are looking for.

These more coherent categories will hopefully make collectors happy.

If you are a seller of French coins, coins that we could not classify into the new sub-categories with certainty based on their description, will be moved to the “unclassified” category. We encourage you to check your items and place them in the correct category so that they can be found quickly. A well-categorized item has a much better chance of being sold!

If you are a buyer, you will be able to find the coins you are interested in more easily by browsing the new categories. However, if you had set up notifications for newly listed items, you will have to adjust your search to the new categories as the old ones will be disabled.

We are confident that this more coherent change in item categories will help many enthusiasts find coins that are missing from their collection on www.delcampe.net, the collector’s marketplace.

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Written by Héloïse

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