Over the past few days, you may have seen a small insert appear at the bottom right of your screen... This is your new online assistant!

When you have questions about Delcampe, you always want to find an efficient and fast answer. This small insert gives you direct access to our Help Centre and provides you with various articles related to the page displayed.

You don’t find the answer? The same insert will make it possible for you to contact our Customer Service directly. You can also include attachments to your message if necessary.

We hope this will make the Delcampe website even easier and more enjoyable for you!

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Written by Héloïse

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  1. Hello!
    Yes. you can help me – please. tell me how I can delete this buttom “HELP” from page?

  2. I am searching for Black African Americans (MLK Jr) on Mexico postal stamps

  3. I am collecting materials on F.P.Os. Need more from across the world.

  4. How do i list the postage cost to the buyer for each item sold as it is not clear about postage on the Delcampe selling site.

  5. dear sir i have been buying stamps from your site for many years
    i have been ill for the last few months and i cannot remember my nick name or password
    can you please help
    many thanks charlie bean