The way the Delcampe website works is changing.

What is changing and why?

For over 20 years, the Delcampe system has been to calculate commission fees on sellers’ turnover on a monthly basis. Based on this, the percentage was adjusted to the benefit of those sellers who had sold the most.

Current and future legislative formulas, the best example of which is DAC7, have come and gone… Some sellers left us with a tab to pick up when they left the site… Complaints from buyers about the terms of sale and handling fees of certain sellers led us to think long and hard about a more suitable system for all our members! For this reason, commission fees are deducted directly from the buyer when the item is paid for.

This means no more commission fees for sellers! Consequently, they are not able to charge buyers anything other than reasonable shipping costs. If you’d like to find out more, please do read the above articles…

What can I expect in real terms?

For buyers

Objects are now displayed with the commission directly included. This is calculated as follows:

Fixed amount per item: €0.30

Percentage of the seller’s asking price: 10%

For example, if a seller wants to sell an item for €10, it isdisplayed at €11.30 to the buyer, including all costs (except shipping).

For sellers

You receive the amount you wish to obtain for your item, and the commission fee will be deducted directly from the amount paid by the buyer. The amount you receive for an item is yours in its entirety. No more “nasty surprises” when commission fees are calculated!

We hope that viewing these new screens will enhance your understanding of the changes that are taking place.

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Written by Héloïse

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  1. This is a really terrible move for buyers. It seems like everything that Delcampe has done recently has been to the detriment of those who purchase items and to the benefit of sellers. First it eliminated being able to bid at the last minute, which drove up prices. Then it eliminated being able to snipe using a third-party website, which was terribly inconvenient when the item ended in the middle of the night because either the buyer either had to put a high bid, which then allowed someone else to have hours to chip away at the price and drive it up, or had to get up in the middle of the night to bid. And now Delcampe is adding fees to each purchase to be paid by the buyers, which also will raise the purchase price. If I purchase a postcard for which the seller would have previously listed for 1 euro, I now have to pay 1.40 euros, which is a 40% increase in the price. Even a 10 euro purchase price increases the price by 13%.

    This is a huge money grab by Delcampe. By eliminating the discounts that it used to offer to sellers who sold at high volume and increasing the commission percentage so high above even the highest percentage the most low volume seller currently pay (6.5%), Delcampe is increasing its revenues a tremendous amount, and all on the backs of the buyers. I have been buying on Delcampe for many years, and I will be buying a lot less in the future.

    • I agree. There may be an argument for shifting the burden to the buyers, but I see no reason why the rate should go up. I have already been looking at what there is for sale elsewhere, and there is plenty.

  2. Hi Héloïse,
    Just an idea for Delcampe to consider:
    Let buyer and seller share the load 50/50 of the 10% commission and charge the 0.30 Euro set for each item to seller only, this would be a fairer solution for all concerned.
    Buyers are often already penalised by sellers setting higher than necessary shipping costs and then having to pay import taxes, sometimes as much as 20% for the item and shipping costs (UK as an example).

    What do you think?


    • Hello,

      Your idea is interesting, but complex to implement. I would encourage you to make a lower offer to your seller if you feel that the asking price for items is too high.

      Best regards


  3. HI,
    I am a seller and I am suppose to benefit by Delcampe shifting commission from sellers to buyers
    and increasing it in the process to 10% and from 23 Cents to 30 Cents. However many buyers will
    be put off by that or as I have already offering 10-20% less to make up for it. So sellers will face
    prospect either selling for less or no sales.
    Delcampe is not only auction house and they should try to remember that.

  4. Can the customers still pay me with bank transfers to my DEUTSCHE BANK in Köln,Germany?
    If they do how can I put it in AWAITING SHIPMENT?
    I have been in Delcampe since 2007 and am confused.
    Please help me.
    Thank you.
    Barry Hohmann

    • Hello,

      No, your buyer can pay you using either PayPal or Mangopay. These two payment methods allow you to pay by bank transfer or by card and Mangopay is completely free for both the seller and the buyer.

      Best regards