Delcampe's new subscription system will be launched on 12/08! In this article, we explain the new features and changes compared to Club+.

The end of our Club+ Bronze and Silver memberships

The new store subscription system will no longer be paid for by the buyer. This is why we have discontinued the Club+ Bronze and Club+ Silver memberships.

This discontinuation comes with good news for all buyers: from 12/08/2024, they will benefit from 100 free email alerts to find and buy more collectible items that interest them.

If you are concerned and had taken out an annual or monthly Club+ Bronze or Silver membership, you will of course be refunded on a pro rata basis for the remaining months.

What about the Club+ Gold membership?

The Club+ Gold membership will become the Store Plus membership. It will allow you to benefit from a number of interesting advantages, such as ::

  • Multiple changes

– The use of a personal reference on your sales

– Discounts on some selling options

– Easy Uploader bulk listing tool

– CSV export of your purchase and sales listings

– A customisable shop

– A special highlight of your sales (other items from your shop are displayed on your adverts for your customers)

– Participation in Top Shops, giving you great visibility

– Your store is listed in the Store Plus seller search engine

– Scheduling of your sales to a later date

This new subscription will be monthly and you will be able to stop it by simply requesting it in your account.

I took out a Club+ Gold annual membership and I’ve still got several months to go. What’s going to happen?

Your Club+ Gold membership will automatically be changed to Store Plus for the remaining months…

The good news is that if your subscription ends before 12/09/2024, it will automatically be extended until that date.

Would you like to take out a Store Plus subscription?

There are plenty of reasons to do so! Here’s how to do it from 12/08/2024:

Go to the subscription page and click on “add” under the Store Plus subscription. The initial amount will then be deducted and you’ll have direct access to the benefits of the Store Plus subscription!

Of course, you can pay in any way you prefer, using PayPal or Mangopay. If you wish to pay by bank transfer, you will need to top up your Mangopay balance if it is not linked to a bank card.

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