The website is best known for its collections of stamps, coins and postcards. However, there are many other collections to discover. These days, Pokémon cards and retrogaming are among the most popular collections. That's why we've improved the sub-categories to make them even more attractive to collectors!

Collecting has always been popular. In many cases, collectors began collecting their first items as children. There are countless stamp collectors who started collecting envelopes in their neighbourhood, and numismatists who started with an old coin purse they found in the attic as children…

For some time now, youngsters have been swapping Pokémon cards in school playgrounds. The first people to start this collection are now in their thirties, and the prices of rare cards can be surprising!

Similarly, many of today’s adults spent their youth playing video games on consoles that they are now actively seeking out.

That’s why we’ve reorganised our collection categories to make it easier for buyers to find what they’re looking for. If you sell Pokémon cards, vintage consoles or video games, don’t hesitate to offer them on Delcampe in the appropriate categories. And of course, if you enjoy these collection fields, we invite you to discover the Pokémon and Retrogaming category on, the collectors’ marketplace.

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Written by Héloïse

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