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Thirteen members of the Council of the Royal Philatelic Society London provided the displays at a meeting of the Society held on 8 December 2022.

Those who presented material were:

Jon Aitchison RNCP, FRPSL: The Private Parcel Carrier Stamps of the Isle of Man 1910-1990s.

Anthony Bard FRPSL – North Korea: From Liberation to the Armistice 1945-1953.

Alan Druce FRPSL: Perkins Bacon One Penny and Two Pence line-engraved Registration Sheet copies 1841-1859.

Dr Gwynne Harries FRPSL: La Petite Poste of Paris and the Newspaper Posts of France.

Steve Harrison FRPSL: The Philatelic Congress of Great Britain.

Chris King RDP. Hon. FRPSL: Mail across the North Sea 1672-1875.

Daphne E. McMillan FRPSL: A Royal Miscellany.

Simon Martin-Redman FRPSL: Sarawak – Registered Envelopes 1913-1941.

Simon Richards FRPSL: Classic Victoria – ‘Half Lengths’.

Michael J. Y. Roberts FRPSL: The Formation of the Italian South Atlantic Air Service. LATI 1939-1941.

John Stimson FRPSL: Mail to New Zealand from the UK 1856-1900.

Kim Stuckey FRPSL: Great Britain South American Air Service until 1945.

Lillian M. Swift FRPSL: Two Railways in Southern Denmark and the Parcel Stamps.

In thanking all who had shown the President, Peter Cockburn FRPSL, remarked that together they had produced ‘a great show that all had enjoyed immensely’. In particular he recognised the task undertaken by Daphne McMillan in bringing it all together.

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