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When Pat Grimwood-Taylor FRPSL was wondering about starting a new collection, having taken South Australia as far as she could, she decided upon Iceland. A family holiday there in 1999 had proved truly memorable, seeing the wonderful scenery and meeting the friendly people. Family connections simply made the choice even easier – it had to be Iceland.

The result was a collection of Iceland Postal History to 1939, the subject of a display and presentation that Pat gave to the members of the Royal Philatelic Society London on 16 May.

The display included pre-1870 mail, the first stamps, local mail by various routes – northern, southern, western and central, overseas mail and steamer services – via Danish, Scottish, English, Irish and Norwegian ports, and airmail services.

It had been a ‘fantastic display, greatly enjoyable, showing an incredible depth of research’ said Bob Medland FRPSL, giving the Vote of Thanks. Michael Roberts FRPSL, President of the Society, expressed his own appreciation, presenting Pat with the Society’s plaquette and certificate.

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