The origins of this sport lie in the Netherlands, where «colf» was played as early as the 13th century. However, it was mainly in Great Britain, namely England and Scotland, that it became very popular over time. It may not be an intensive outdoor sport, but it is very appealing.

Golf was certified in Scotland in 1754, but it wasn’t until a century later that it became fashionable and the first private clubs appeared. Although golf was originally a male sport, leading to the rumour that the word «golf» came from the initials “gentlemen only, ladies forbidden», since the 1990s the sport has seen an upturn in its popularity among the women. Nowadays, many women also play.

It became an Olympic discipline at the Paris Olympic Games in 1900. However, this
only lasted for two editions. It was then absent until the Games of 2016.

Golf is also an excellent way to do business, as it provides an opportunity for long discussions. An 18-hole course takes time to complete, and long walks encourage conversation. Of course, golf wouldn’t be the same without the clubhouse! The opportunity to have a drink at the nineteenth hole is also a great way to do business or make new friends!

While today’s golfers, especially women golfers, wear practical clothes, in the old
days, as you can see from the postcards shown, women played in long dresses.
Golf had been around since before the advent of the photographic postcard and
thanks to the attractive landscapes it offered, it soon became a featured subject for
postcards, particularly when it came to publicising clubs and recruiting members.

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Today, more than 80 million people around the world play golf. It has to be said that since the effort involved is not intense, this sport can be played at any age.

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