Happy birthday to the dollar!On this 6th of July, the American dollar celebrates an important anniversary: the day it was introduced by the Congress of the Confederation of the United States of America. On this occasion, the Delcampe website celebrates the American currency.

Derived from the word “thaler”, which designates an old European currency, the dollar was accepted by the Congress of the Confederation on 6 July 1785. However, it was not until 1792, following the Mint Act, that it officially became the only currency of the United States of America.

The world-famous greenback did not appear until much later, in 1861. In 1794, silver $1 coins were minted. Today, these coins are part of the collections of numismatists. Want to discover numismatics related to the United States? Discover this category on www.delcampe.net, the collectors’ marketplace!

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