In this “World of Collecting” video, I’ll tell you all about the banknote that caused a scandal in its day – because it had the word “SEX” on it! Want to find out more? Watch the video!

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Written by Héloïse

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  2. As part of the Bradbury Wilkinson history project, the designer (Brain Fox) of the bank note and engraver of the frame (Ron Beckers) were contacted on this depiction of the word SEX.
    They both said there was no way they would have done this intentionally. it was a freak development. The designer and engraver would not have put their lucrative jobs with Bradbury Wilkinson on the line so to speak.
    When this was brought to the notice of Bradbury, the Managing Director of Bradbury phoned the President, Sir James Mancham to apologize for this fiasco. The MD then told me that Sir James Mancham was so happy that had happened and an apology was not necessary. Mauritius ordered another supply of the bank note, because the note was so much sought after by collectors, that resulted in the run on the 50 rupee note!
    The Annigonni portrait was engraved by Alan Dow.