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At the deadline for applications to STOCKHOLMIA 2019, the international celebration of
the 150th Anniversary of The Royal Philatelic Society London, 2,022 frames of exhibits and
displays will be accepted. 86% of the frames will comprise competitive exhibits, 14% will
comprise non-competitive displays.

1. More than 300 individual philatelic displays
2. 87 philatelic literature entries
3. The philatelic displays and literature exhibits represent 368 Fellows and Members of the
Society, from 44 different countries

Coinciding with with the acceptance of the exhibit and displays, we have invited the
international jury, representing 14 different countries: Australia (2), Argentina, Canada,
Colombia, Denmark (3), Finland (2), Germany, Hong Kong, Japan, Norway, Slovenia, Sweden
(4), United Kingdom (5) and USA (4).

The President of the Jury will be Lars Engelbrecht RDP, Denmark, with Peter Nordin, Sweden,
acting as Secretary to the Jury.

Criteria for selecting the Judges

• Jurors from around the world
• Very experienced in judging
• Fact based judging (not emotions and intuition)
• Interested in – and good at – feedback to the exhibitors

Goal set for the STOCKHOLMIA Jury work

• Exhibitors at STOCKHOLMIA 2019 experience fair judging and very
competent feedback
• In retrospect everybody will talk about this as the best jury ever at an
international exhibition

Feedback to exhibitors

• STOCKHOLMIA 2019 will allocate time during the jury work to prepare
feedback in order to make sure that the feedback to the exhibitors is really good
• The Jury Team Leaders will give an open/public presentation to exhibitors on
general observations (mistakes) and suggestions (to be done before the individual
• The exhibitors will have the opportunity to get individual feedback

More information about the exhibition and other related activities can be obtained at the

For additional information contact
Jonas Hällström, Exhibition Manager,

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