Time has passed, and like Proust and his madeleine, you relive your past through the photos of your youth.

The yearly souvenir par excellence: the class photo

A photographer immortalises happy children’s faces every year. It’s been done this way for centuries now. And while there’s always a joker in the group who has to play the fool and another person who closes their eyes at just the right moment, the class photo is still a wonderful souvenir.

Let’s be honest, though. No one remembers the face of the person who took the photo or the teacher who promised just punishment to the first person who stepped out of line! No, in fact, the only thing that remains is the class of children with innocent smiles that made a big impression on you for a year of your life. You’ll try to remember the name of every one. You’ll have no trouble remembering that of your best friends, of your worst enemies or of the class clown. The others will be more difficult…It’s a wonderful exercise!

When class photos become collection items

Of course, your class photos will always have a very special appeal because you’re in them. However, finding older pictures also has its own appeal. It’s fun to look at the generations that came before us at the same school desks, to identify teachers at the start and end of their careers. Collecting class photos is also an amusing way to watch the world, fashion, children, and more, change.

Now that you’re hooked, what about reacquainting yourself with your old school? Delcampe can help you. Explore our photography category.

Click on “locations” then type in the name of your school or town and… enjoy the great memories! If you happen to be a former photographer who saved period photos, why not go ahead and post them online. They’ll make those sentimental collectors happy!




Written by Olivier Laurent

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