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Soon after it proved impossible to hold ‘live’ talks and displays, the Royal Philatelic Society London made such presentations available to members online. With an international membership, this proved invaluable for the many members who are unable to visit the Society’s premises at 15 Abchurch Lane in the City of London to enjoy the presentations ‘in person’.

Meetings of the Society resumed in July, but it has been decided to continue the online presentations. Plus, these are now available to all, whether or not a member of the Society. To view a particular presentation, all that needs to be done is to visit the website of Eventbrite and under ‘Search’ put in the title of the particular talk. There will be an invitation to participate – and it costs nothing. Before the talk takes place a reminder will be sent from Eventbrite by email with the required link for the Zoom presentation, meaning a simple ‘click’ will ensure the talk and display can be viewed.

In general the talks will be on the first Tuesday of each month, beginning at 3pm (UK time). The list of planned talks is as follows:


5 October 2021: Mike Roberts – Gambia: Postal Services in the reign of Queen Victoria.

9 November 2021: Gordon Hardy – Mail Routes To, From and Within Romania to 1870.

7 December 2021: Chris Harman – Revenue stamps of the City of London.

4 January 2022: Hugh Osborne -– Postal History of South Georgia.

1 February 2022: Symposium of International Auctioneers.

1 March 2022: Danny Wong – Postal history of Taiwan

5 April 2022: Stewart Gardner – Sealing and Securing the Letter.

3 May 2022: Jack Preuveneers – Classic Sweden 1855-1872.

7 June 2022: Jamie Gough – UPU.

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