Have you heard of Anne-Lise Remacle? This Delcampe stalwart has a particularly original collection theme: women who wear glasses. But beyond collecting photos of women who wear glasses, there is a real desire to present them in a new light, so she had a lot of fun inventing a fictional life for them. She agreed to introduce us to some of her amazing women who wear glasses!


Does not know she is allergic to cumin.

Agrees to pose for Aunt Odile in exchange for some cigars.

Finds the concept of the Immaculate Conception overrated.

Replaced her Bible with verses by Sappho.

Uses a silver dagger as a bookmark.


Has two goldfish (one of which is no longer alive)

Only wears genuine pearls.

Nicknames her lover “Mr Chaos”

Goes to see a psychic every Thursday at 1.07 p.m.

Dreams of raising shrews in her bun.

Hates yellow flowers, chocolate ice cream, her postman, the sound of

Feigns perpetual mourning for an aunt who left her nothing.


Is nicknamed the field mouse.

Is scared stiff of her sister Camille

Is scared stiff of her father Roger.

Is scared so stiff of her mother Giovanna that she may never move again.

Takes refuge in the library whenever she can and tears out page 37 in all the books.

Would not wish to die on a Sunday.


Previously dreamed of testing the theories of gravity on the neighbours’ whining dog.

Doesnot eat sausage skin.

Is secretly in love with the milkman who was destined for the priesthood.

Has no idea how to use a gramophone.


Dreamed of America, but will settle for Poitou.

Says “ha-ha” instead of “hello”.

Sings Stewball into the ear of her donkey Steve.

Has a shortage of chewing gum.

Will be pathetic on the banjo.

Thanks to Anne-Lise Remacle for these portraits of women. Would you also like to create a collection with a made-up back story? If so, find the original photos you are looking for on Delcampe!

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Written by Héloïse

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  1. Utterly brilliant and the descriptions are an absolute hoot. This is what fun photo collecting is all about. I have similarly mad photo collections…one favourite group is based on terrible hairstyles. Keep up the good work Anne- Lise!

  2. Wonderful photographs, and sparkling text. These are personalities one would wish to meet. Imagination and creativity are a magical combination. Congratulations!