From February 2 to 4, 2024, the World Money Fair will take place at the Estrel Congress Center in Berlin. The world's largest coin fair is now led by a new team under the direction of Goetz-Ulf Jungmichel, promising the audience many new features.

Considered the international trade fair for numismatics, the World Money Fair is also the world’s largest fair of its kind. No other event brings together such a variety of table dealers, mints, national banks, and technicians under one roof. For the upcoming World Money Fair, 300 exhibitors from 47 nations have registered to showcase their numismatic products on the approximately 9,000 square meters of exhibition space at the Estrel Congress Center on Berlin’s Sonnenallee, surprising visitors with new releases and fascinating mintings. However, the fair’s program is not only aimed at experts in numismatics. The World Money Fair is also “the place to be” for those discovering their passion for collecting, or who are interested in coins and medals as an investment. For example, the Professional Association of German Coin Dealers offers beginner advice on coin collecting in the entrance area of the Estrel Congress Center.

Monnaie de Paris as the Guest of Honor

As the representative of the guest country France, Monnaie de Paris presents itself at the World Money Fair 24 and showcases, among other things, its series of official 2-euro commemorative coins for the Olympic and Paralympic Games, taking place in the summer of 2024 in Paris. After 1900 and 1924, France is hosting the world’s largest sporting event for the third time and is issuing official commemorative coins with the special emblem of “Paris 2024” for the first time, already considered a numismatic highlight. In collaboration with the World Money Fair, Monnaie de Paris also displays the entire coin creation process on a special area: from the idea and design to the minting of the finished coin.

One of the largest exhibitors at the World Money Fair is Münze Österreich, known for its top-notch processing of precious metals and coin production. The company produces around 350 million coins annually and is counted among the world’s elite mints. The stand of Münze Deutschland, also one of the largest exhibitors at the fair, will be impressive and decorative next year. It is responsible for distributing collector and commemorative coins of the Federal Republic of Germany. The world’s largest coin trading house, MDM Münzhandelsgesellschaft mbH & Co. KG Deutsche Münze, also showcases itself at the World Money Fair. Numerous table dealers, attracting many collectors, also contribute to the event.

Specialized Lectures and Innovations

In the future, guests of the World Money Fair will find the Live-Stage in the entrance of the Estrel Congress Center. The former Media Forum, held in the auditorium, now moves to the open entrance area, offering coin providers and mints a central stage for presenting their innovations. The Live-Stage offers even more: specialized lectures on various topics complement the program, such as information on minting errors and counterfeits.

Brand New: The World Money Fair Club

Since December 2023, the World Money Fair Club has been established. Its goal is to provide a year-round forum where collectors can connect and exchange ideas with like-minded individuals, as well as receive information and invitations to interesting events. Club membership is free and offers a variety of exclusive benefits. Club members, for example, receive a free drink in the World Money Fair Club Lounge at the Estrel Congress Center and discounts from selected partners. Thus, club members can mint their own club medal at the Sack & Kiesselbach booth in Hall 2. To take advantage of these benefits, club members register on the World Money Fair website at

A lasting memory of the World Money Fair is offered by Agosi AG, as the gold and silver refinery presents a one-meter gold bar that visitors can photograph themselves in front of.

The World Money Fair opens its doors to the professional audience on Thursday, February 1, 2024. The “Technical Forum” takes place in the auditorium of the Berlin Estrel Congress Center, where technicians and suppliers of the coin industry gather to bring each other up to date on the latest minting techniques, machines, and tool technology.

For collectors and all coin enthusiasts, the fair starts as usual on Friday, February 2, at 10 a.m. To avoid long lines at the box office, the fair has recently introduced an online ticket system. Entry tickets can now be conveniently booked and printed from home on the World Money Fair website ( at the reduced price of 17 euros. Guests pay 19 euros at the box office.

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