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On 28 and 29 June the Royal Philatelic Society London held the first Crawford Festival, aimed at helping those with thoughts about sharing their knowledge and enthusiasm with others through the medium of philatelic literature. Organised by Nicola Davies, Head of Collections at the Society, and presented by Chris King RDP, FRPSL, the Festival was much appreciated by all who participated.

First speaker was David Beech MBE, FRPSL who presented a potted history of the life of James Ludovic Lindsay, 26th Earl of Crawford. Born on 28 July 1847, he was not only an acknowledged philatelist but also a passionate bibliophile. By the time of his death on 31 January 1913 he had acquired every philatelic work thus far published, his library now part of the British Library (duplicates from his library were given to the Royal Philatelic Society London).

The opportunities available to researchers were reviewed by Nicola Davies, Richard Morel FRPSL, Curator, British Library Philatelic Collections, Corinne Galloway, Senior Curator, The Postal Museum, and Stuart Aitken, Curator Philately at The Postal Museum. Professor Charles Oppenheim FRPSL closed the first day by explaining the complex matter of copyright.

The second day began by taking a closer look at how the Royal Philatelic Society undertakes the task of publishing, the processes explained by Brian Trotter RDP, FRPSL, David Alford FRPSL, and David Kirkpatrick of the renowned company of Pardys Printers. This was followed by a look at how the Smithsonian’s National Postal Museum in Washington DC has undertaken a forthcoming publishing project by Lynn Heidelbaugh, Curator.

It was a ‘question and answer’ session in the afternoon, including a panel of authors revealing how each had embarked on the journey of producing a philatelic work.

The second Crawford Festival will take place on 27 and 28 June 2023 when the theme will be Philatelic Journals.


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  1. I enjoy such meetings, especially when the attention is paid to the youth as well.
    Unfortunately, how can we hope for a modest philately, perfectly correct in total harmony when you on intentionally practice the theft of the naive, young people, taking advantage of the trust of members, etc.
    You unduly and abusively embezzle amounts in unfinished transactions. Worse, you intentionally abuse by setting a deadline that cancels the possibility of restoring the commission and do not accept the appeal – elementary in the world of justice.
    In fact, you are taking possession = stealing undue money!
    Until you do something to wash away your shame, I will not stop taking steps to make you stop stealing.
    Too bad we have such a discussion, on a philatelic site and that you refuse to correct the situation. Is it just the stubbornness of not admitting that you were wrong or is it greed that goes beyond honor?