Since several weeks, you all have a Mangopay account on Delcampe. It's practical, free, fast and secure. Until now, in order to pay a seller by bank transfer, you had to credit your Mangopay account, then use this credit to make payments to your sellers. We have improved things for buyers who prefer to make a bank transfer for each transaction, as they used to do on Delcampe.

From now on, when paying for your transaction via the Delcampe system, you can choose to pay by bank transfer and indicate the specific message for your transaction. This will send your money from your bank account to your Mangopay account, and then, thanks to the specific message (make sure you enter it correctly!), directly to your seller without you having to make a second transaction.

You can therefore pay for your purchases by transferring money to just one account number, your Mangopay IBAN.

The advantages :

► It’s immediate. The Delcampe system links your transfer to your purchase and the seller is paid directly.

► Your bank details are not disclosed. No Delcampe member will receive them, even if you make a purchase from them.

► No risk of errors when entering your bank account: all you have to do is register your Mangopay IBAN and transfer your money to it.

► You no longer need to carry out two steps: a transfer to your Mangopay balance and then a payment to the seller’s balance. The money is sent directly to the seller. Platform fees are now deducted from the purchase amount when the buyer pays.

We hope that this simplified approach will make your life and your transactions even easier!

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Written by Héloïse

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