As promised at its launch, we continue to develop our payment method Delcampe Pay.

Payments in dollar with Delcampe Pay

We are pleased to inform you that Delcampe Pay can now be used in all the currencies of the Delcampe website (Euro, Pound sterling, Swiss franc, American dollar, as well as Canadian and Australian dollars).

We’re adding new countries!

Delcampe Pay is now available in 6 additional countries:



the United States




This expansion represents a very important part of our international members who will now be able to benefit from the advantages of Delcampe Pay.

The strengths of Delcampe Pay

Delcampe Pay is the ideal payment method on the Delcampe website. It has been developed in partnership with MangoPay, Arkea Crédit Mutuel and Payline. These are just some of its advantages:

– one of the lowest-priced solutions on the market

– no need to leave the Delcampe website to make payments

– no fees when withdrawing your money

– possibility to pay different sellers simultaneously

– secure and easy to use

– free one-click activation of your account!


Don’t wait any longer and become a Delcampe Pay user today!

Written by Olivier Laurent

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  1. Thanks for the information: But you do not mention the charges for the different currencies of the payment to the sellers, What about a clear table of them. Thanks. Kind regards.

  2. hi does this eliminate paypal from my listings or is it added to method of payment ?

    • Daer Sir,

      No, Delcampe Pay doesn’t eliminate PayPal. It is another way to pay or buy items.

      Best regards


  3. Andorra is not only in the Euro zone, but also has ECB approval to mint its own Euro coins! So why won’t Delcampe Pay accept us into the system?

    • Dear Sir,

      We hope we can soon open Delcampe Pay to Andorre. It dépends on the agreement between our Partner MangoPay and the andorian banks.

      Best regards


  4. How about Thailand?

    • Hello,

      We don’t have the ability to deploy it in Thailand for the moment unfortunately.

      Best regards


  5. Nice develot