On Delcampe, security is our priority. Therefore, the nicknames of buyers of collectibles will only be shown to the sellers of the items concerned. As a buyer, your nickname will no longer be visible to others.

99.9% of the transactions carried out on Delcampe are completely satisfactory to both parties. Unfortunately, the 0.1% still remains. Some malicious individuals use the displayed nicknames to contact the seller, buyer or even a bidder by email in an attempt to intercept the payment or the item. Hiding your nickname in your transactions will protect you from these attempts.

In addition, many collectors value confidentiality when purchasing valuable items. This new anonymity will make this wish, which we have repeatedly heard, come true.

In concrete terms, only the seller, the buyer and the Delcampe team will see the nickname of the buyer of a fixed price item. For the other users, the nickname will be replaced by “buyer”.

For auctions, the seller will be able to see all the nicknames bidding on an item in their shop. Each bidder will only see his own nickname. Other bidders will see “bidder 1” “bidder 2” and so on. Members not involved in the auction will only see the seller’s nickname. Of course, the Delcampe team will remain vigilant to avoid any misuse of the anonymity of auctions.

We have also decided to extend (free of charge) by one minute all sales that receive a bid within the last minute. In concrete terms, if a bid is placed in the last minute of the auction, the auction will be extended by one minute and so on. In this way, snipers will become unnecessary and all buyers will have the same chance to win the item they want.

We wish you nice transactions on Delcampe.

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Written by Héloïse

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