Every collector has their little quirks! Whether you're a collector, or you have one (or more!) at home, here is a little article that will make you all smile.

How do you recognize a collector?

Outwardly, they’re no different! Fortunately! On the other hand, we all know that if you get them started on their favorite topic, there is no stopping them. Our collectors have a wealth information, anecdotes and history. They can fill conversations with countless details which they find incredibly interesting!!! Which isn’t always the case for everyone else…

One amusing, and true fact, is that if put two collectors in the same crowded room, they will find each other. Even if they don’t collect the same things, the two share a common language which means that they will be happy to get together and discuss their collection items, and how they find them, for hours on end.

They both search shows, flea markets and, of course, Delcampe (whatever your collection, Delcampe brings you together!) high and low for that elusive item. They’re insatiable and move from one search to the next and, if need be, from one collection to the next. You have to wonder if they’ll ever be satisfied with their accomplishments. You know the answer: of course not!

That’s the paradox: they’re proud of what they have and want what they don’t have yet.

How do you recognize a collector’s house?

The first thing you’ll notice in a collector’s house, is whether or not everyone shares their passion. If they do, then the house will be in the collector’s image, full of items they’ve acquired over time and which they’re proud to display. Sometimes collections in the same house interfere with each other. However, since the objects share the same spirit, they respect each other!

If on the other hand, they collect alone, there will likely be a special area in the house, always too small for all of their treasures! However, it’s their space, where they can escape to and give themselves fully to their collecting passion. Are you looking for them in the house? Go there first! You’ll probably find them there!!!

Is our collector unwell?

Yes! Of course, others often find them difficult to understand…but, be careful, they’re contagious! By talking incessantly about their passion to everyone around them, our collectors tend to spread it to the others. Worse still, they want to infect everyone because they want to share their knowledge and experience!


Should you cure them?

No! The world needs passionate people, and Delcampe does too! On the other hand, a little group therapy in an association or forum will do them the greatest good! There are millions of collectors in the world; you can’t even hope to eradicate the epidemic! Give in to it. You can’t imagine how much you’ll enjoy it and how many great people you’ll meet thanks to your passion for collecting!

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Written by Olivier Laurent

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  1. So far none of the stamp distributors have a category of Black African Americans of Postal Stamps from all over the world. it is hard for a young person to start collecting Blacks on the postal stamp. Especially if they cannot travel to the stamp shows.

  2. I have the set of the 1981 space exploration stamps autographed by Bob McCall, the artist. Is there any demand for this sort of thing? If I were to put it up for sale, how should I proceed?

  3. I love meeting fellow collectors…unless of course they happen to be manically bidding against me in an auction. I find that they/we inhabit a spectrum which ranges from the friendly and enthusiastic to the learnedly obsessive and very occasionally, the fanatical and disturbing. The latter when combined with unlimited finances has produced some of the world’s leading collections, so who am I to judge?

  4. Hi!

    I`m a man, 70 years old and I collecting phone- but I most intrested about giftcards. Werey intresting about STARBUCKS giftcards from all countries. Collecting only used phone- and MINT giftcards!
    I live in Sweden.

  5. Thanks Olivier Laurent, a very observant and amusing article. My wife collects patchwork and quilting items and fills most of the house with her unfinished items (and a few she did actually finish). I started collecting stamps 70 years ago but sold most of my collection to the house insurance man who came once a year for his money and left, very content, with a packet of stamps of equivalent value. Times much were harder then.
    I resurrected the hobby when I retired, 28 years ago, to sunny Spain. I said I would just collect Spain to stop me getting bored! ….. and then Andorra (Spanish) which led to Andorre Francais, and the Spanish Colonies in Africa, Gibraltar, Morocco Agencies, Jersey, Guernsey, Alderney, etc., etc.!!!
    I promised my wife I would not take up much space but I now have a specially made bookcase full of Lindner Albums and we fight over who’s turn it is to use table. Happy Days.

  6. to Bengt Noven I have approximately 50-100 used phone cards I acquired at auction in a box lot. I have no need for them, so you can have them . All I ask is that you pay the postage. I will see if my daughter can get me a star bucks card.
    My name is Glen and I live in Canada.