Whether it’s jacks or the latest video game, children and many adults love games...and collecting!

Participating is what’s important

When he was five or six years old, you bested him every time, or worse, you let him win…Today, he surpasses you without the slightest concern or empathy (teenagers sure are ungrateful!) and he doesn’t even let you win from time to time! Should you give up then? No, of course not!

It doesn’t matter who won or who lost; games bring generations together. We can all remember a memorable card game or other game with someone in our family. The person across from you is also making memories! Spending time with the people in your family is the best gift you can give them.

From games to collecting

What we love about playing a game is the special moment we create with other people. Collecting is very similar when it’s shared. Coming together for a shared passion guarantees you’ll share a special moment with others. What could be better than sharing with your own family? The biggest challenge is to create and maintain complicity. The topic is just an excuse. Whatever the collection, Delcampe brings you together.


customer-service.jpgDelcampe is the perfect partner for your passion

Everything you can collect can be found on Delcampe: games, stamps, coins, postcards and many other collection items. Take advantage of your conversations to introduce others to Delcampe, so that other collectors can find the rare items they’re looking for!

Discover more of the Vintage family’s adventures on this blog!

Do you want to find items from your past? Discover our world of vintage collections!


Written by Olivier Laurent

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