When our team came up with this little Vintage family comic strip, they found that it wasn’t far from the truth...Every generation has knowledge to share...

man01.jpgThe amazing younger generation

People born after the 1980 are basically born with a mouse in their hand! Of course, they aren’t troubled by technological advances. Many of them find it easier to write with a keyboard than with a pen! They have a big head start in computer skills over past generations (at least, in general). And yet, the younger generation still has a lot to learn!



Older people are wisest!!

No technology will ever replace life experience. Maturity, patience, vision, knowledge…this is what age gets you, along with a few wrinkles! The older generation may sometimes have trouble getting up to speed technology-wise, but it hasn’t had its last word yet!



Collecting brings generations together!

Most of the time, it’s the older generation that encourages the new one to get into collecting. It gives them their first advice on the subject. The older generation’s major skill is taking the time to master subjects and find the rare objects they’re missing through different channels. Many older people are amazed at the opportunities the Internet offers in this regard. It’s true that older collectors will need more time to adapt to technology, but once they’ve acquired the skills, they’re awesome! As connoisseurs, they will uncover treasures that less experienced collectors may have trouble recognising in a long list of items.

You have good reason to listen to the other generations: they have a great deal to teach you! And, whatever the collection, Delcampe brings you together!

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Written by Héloïse

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