This 14th of February, Delcampe celebrates those in love with a special theme for Valentine's Day. This is the opportunity for us to talk about the life of this saint who is nowadays so dear to our shopkeepers and our traditions!

Saint Valentine was a martyr who lived in the 3rd century. According to legend, he became the patron saint of lovers because he secretly married couples. The legend has remained and, in the Middle Ages, Valentine was also a designation for the date chosen by the young girl to accompany her to the traditional celebrations on the first Sunday of Lent.

The date of 14 February probably refers to the ancient pagan festival of the lupercalia, which took place in mid-February.

Valentine’s Day, a collector’s world

On Delcampe, you can find many vintage postcards. This tradition of sending cards dates back to the beginning of the postcard in the 19th century. Discover these beautiful cards on Delcampe!

And what if this year, you were to send an old card?

Happy Valentine’s Day to all lovers on, the collectors’ marketplace!

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