The end of the year marks the release of your new Delcampe Magazine - Classic Collections No. 8! Enjoy new, varied and informative articles on philately, deltiology, numismatics and photography!

I invite you to make exciting discoveries in this latest edition of the Delcampe Magazine.

In stamp collecting, with the article by the Académie, the Red Cross from Grenada, the principality of Andorra and crypto stamps.

In coin collecting, with the superior condition levels of coins and with ounces.

In postcard collecting, we cover Santa Claus’ reindeer and Adeline

In photography, I’ll introduce you to athletes who have been forgotten over time. I hope that all of these discoveries will lead you to new friends, and perhaps, motivate you to start a new collection!

I would also like to take this opportunity to wish you all wonderful year-
end celebrations. I hope Santa Claus won’t forget to spoil you! Enjoy your reading!

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Written by Héloïse

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  1. Happy Christmas to all the Elves at DELCAMPE who work so hard during the year to keep this great website going. I am asking Santa Claws for MORE money so that I can buy more expensive materials for my favourite subject – The RMS Lusitania – Best wishes to all from New Zealand