The Delcampe website is today the greatest marketplace for collectors thanks to its reliability and user-friendliness. For a long time now, we have set up a feedback system that enables collectors to make their transactions in complete security.

How does Delcampe’s feedback system work?

The Delcampe feedback system is based on trust and user-friendliness between members. It is not mandatory but we recommend it because it is a real proof of seriousness. Moreover, it is so much nicer to say that you have received the item and that you are satisfied with the delivery.

In addition to your feedback, you can leave a small comment. No need to write a whole book but a few words to say thank you and to talk about the qualities of the transaction (fast, good packaging, courtesy of the seller or the buyer…) This will make the other person very happy and will indicate your satisfaction for this transaction to the other members.

Leaving a feedback, whether positive or not, in no way compels the other party of the transaction to leave you one. Unfortunately, this may not always be the case.


 How do you rate the other member?

The feedback system on Delcampe enables you to give the following ratings:

100%: you are satisfied with the transaction

75%: the transaction went well but could certainly be improved. Tell your interlocutor what did not suit you (condition of the item, delays….)

50%: you are not especially satisfied with this transaction. Again, we encourage you to report what you are not satisfied with.

25%: the transaction did not go well. Report the reason.

0%: you are frankly dissatisfied with the other member and the transaction did not go as you wanted.

There is also the possibility to leave a comment only. This allows you to report your impressions without affecting the average.


How do you give a feedback?

To give your feedback, there are several ways to do so, consult our Help Center and choose the one that suits you best.

We remind you that there is no obligation and that this feedback system does not allow you to blackmail the other member under any circumstances.

Can you change a feedback?

Yes, it is possible, but only to increase the rating or to post a “comment only”. You will be able to do this from the sale page or via the ” given feedback” page. For more information, our Help Center is at your disposal.

We wish you pleasant transactions on Delcampe and nice feedback that will prove you are a valued Delcampe member!



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  1. i wish to get this website on application for mobile easy to buy .

  2. Other than stamps what other collectable items are you dealing.

  3. It would be great if you make one additional condition here. Similar like on eBay
    – Buyer/Seller are obligated to leave feedback maximum 2 months after the completed sale. It is enough time for item to be paid and delivered to buyer. This way most of sales would have feedbacks. At this moment, I have received feedback only for approximately 60% of my sales.

  4. This system of feedback is very helpful in assessing a sellers reliability and works
    here at home with Bid or Buy service.