The angel, a celestial creature which connects man to God, is found in several religions. Although technically invisible, angels sometimes appear in human form to deliver messages. Angel motifs are highly appreciated by collectors, especially postcard collectors.

Whether they are called angels or Malak, these creatures already appear in the sacred book of Genesis. For example, an angel stops Abraham from killing his son Isaac.

Different kinds of angels

According to traditional angelology, there are nine choirs of angels. However, in popular tradition, only four commonly show up. These include the archangels, like Saint Michael, who vanquished a dragon and is one of the emblems of the city of Brussels.





Other angels are also very popular: the cherubs. In Semitic religions, they are quite similar to the Etruscan chimera and are depicted as winged half-human, half-animal creatures. In Christianity, cherubs are little angels – young, chubby, winged children.

The seraphim, whose name means “ardour”, are known for their three pairs of wings, including one pair which serves as clothing. They are also found in the Old Testament of the Bible.

In addition to these well-known Angels, there are also the Dominions, Thrones, Virtues, Powers and Principalities.

Guardian angels

The reason angels are still known widely in our times is thanks in part to guardian angels. In the Christian tradition, an angel is sent to protect one or more people. It’s even become part of our everyday language.

Angels and art

Angels are represented in many ways. Here we have chosen to show angels in postcards, but they are also depicted in paintings, sculptures, stamps, etc. On, more than 23,000 angel postcards are for sale. From fantasy to illustration, you’ll surely find the angel you’re looking for!






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  1. In addition, the “somewhat new to the Christian religion scene”, The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints, aka, The Mormons, teach and believe that angels do NOT have wings. Obviously, none of their angels will ever be collectable!