If your Delcampe website is decorated today, it is to celebrate its blog and all those around the world. Moreover, the Delcampe Blog was launched in August 2017, at the same time as World Blog Day, so we are celebrating its anniversary!

The internet is an inexhaustible source of information, and blogs allow you to learn about so many topics. Short, easy to find and easy to read articles is the concept behind this type of media. You will find thousands of subjects that may interest you.

The Delcampe Blog has a particular editorial line: it informs you about collecting, but also about the life of Delcampe: news on the website, promotion of our videos, events related to the collecting world of which we are partners… The blog follows the rhythm of your favourite website.

Every week, thousands of visitors come to find information and sometimes leave comments. Thank you for following us regularly!

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Written by Héloïse

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  1. Thank you Delcampe Team

    The Delcampe web site is part of my life now, and hope many people buyers and sellers to be involved here and to discover the spectacular world of stamps and postcards

    I remember the old times when my father used to check the stamps catalogues, write letters and to tell me about the Delcampe, one of his best stamps correspondent

  2. I am retired collector of world Airmail cover now offering my treasured covers in my twilight years to good homes