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What can be achieved through competitive exhibiting was fully demonstrated by a magnificent array of material presented by the Mouritsen Family to one hundred members and guests of the Royal Philatelic Society London on 30 March. This continued the potential for exhibiting that had been explored by Graham Winters FRPSL at the previous meeting.

In the display frames were entries in six classes: A Royal Ménage å Trois and its Historical Consequences (Open Philately); Denmark’s King Frederick VI (Open Philately); The bicoloured ‘øre’ stamps of Denmark 1875-1907 (Traditional Philately); Danish Postal History 1 January 1875 to 30 September 1907 (Postal History); The Classic Postal Stationery of Denmark 1865-1905 (Postal Stationery); plus entries in the Literature Class.

There followed a presentation in which Iva Mouritsen and Henrik Mouritsen RDP FRPSL explained why they find the challenges and opportunities presented by Open Philately so rewarding. They fully demonstrated that by the use of imagination and ingenuity, truly creative exhibits can result.

Giving the Vote of Thanks, Lillian Swift FRPSL commented that it had been ‘a privilege to view wonderful material that provides positive encouragement for the image of philately’. Peter Cockburn FRPSL, President of the Society, expressing his own admiration of the displays and presentation, thanked Iva and Henrik by presenting each of them with the Society’s plaquette.

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