We've received a lot of requests for improvements to our lower and group offers. As Sébastien Delcampe promised during the various live events, we'll be improving this feature in the future.

In the meantime, two improvements will be introduced from 5 June:

1) The time to submite a lower offer bid is reduced from 30 to 7 days.

This was a frequent request from both buyers and sellers. You’ll no longer have to wait a month before making a lower offer on an item you’re interested in.

In concrete terms, from June 5 onwards, all items put up for sale before May 29 will be eligible for a lower or bundled offer.

For items put up for sale after this date, the 7-day period must be respected!

2) The maximum discount has been reduced from 50% to 30%.

Our data shows that the vast majority of sellers refuse offers above this percentage. Offers that were too low created frustration on both sides of the transaction.

With these two measures, we hope to offer a more satisfactory system for both buyers and sellers.

This first improvement is part of a larger project. It’s the first step towards a more personalized and customizable system. We look forward to presenting it to you in the coming months.

We hope you enjoy your transactions on www.delcampe.net, the collectors’ marketplace.

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Written by Héloïse

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  1. This is a step in the right direction. Under the new pricing model, buyers are burdened with the 10% plus .30 Eur per item. If I buy and item for 1 eur and you make 40% (10% plus .30 Eur) and I pay 4 Eur shipping, seems a little unfair. The seller gets the full item price and shipping which is often overestimated. Even when I pay for registered shipping my items often do not arrive and the seller doesn’t promptly issue a refund. Delcampe might consider offering some buyer protection as without buyers or those who now elect to buy less, delcampe will be less profitable. I’m in finance so I understand making a profit but it needs to be equitable, and both the buyer and seller should be treated fairly. I’ve built several nice collections on Decampe don’t become another ebay.

    • Hello,

      Thank you for your point of view.

      Buyer protection is also one of the projects we’re currently working on. It’s only natural that they should get a better service, given that they’re the ones bearing the platform costs.

      If you notice excessive shipping costs, don’t hesitate to report the seller to Delcampe because that’s not our policy!

      Best regards


    • Yes I agree with this comment. We are burdened with higher bill. I have recently started buying from Delcampe and very much satisfied with them . Most importantly it is affordable than other sites and particularly ebay. However the recent changes with onus fully on the buyer has made it costly for us. I would be grateful if Delcampe team look into it to unburden us with higher cost. But I still think without Delcampe it is impossible to make a good collection and I am thankful to them

  2. You still impose dealers the obligation to show possibility of being offered less, and now only after just seven days online!. Too bad.
    Give us the opt-out for our material and shop. Whoever wants can take anything, but our material is not badly treated.
    Not all vendors show the same material and quality, and many clients tell us they do not understand why we include this possibility, we have to explain them it is not in our hands to chose.

    • Hello,

      The aim of the project behind the two new measures is to give sellers greater latitude.

      However, in the future, for properties that have not found a buyer quickly, we will continue to ensure that lower bids can be submitted to sellers. They are of course free to refuse.

      Best regards


  3. Instead of making an across the board decision to make the maximum discount 30% you should let the sellers choose what they want to accept. I have many sellers who agree to my 50% offers. With this new limitation I will be buying much less.

    • Hello,

      We’re returning to a system that offers greater freedom to sellers. A little patience…

      Best regards


    • I totally agree!!!
      This option was the most important feature when deciding to buy on Delcampe.

      It was the only convenient method of getting some items at a reasonable price – especially for Eastern European buyers.

      For sure there will be less activity from my side as shipping costs a lot and it does not make sense to only buy a few individual, cheap items.

      The 50% was a limit that both (seller and buyer) should agree. From a seller perspective maybe is easier to accept a 50% off offer than to reduce individual prices for items that don’t sell for a while.
      The seller, as It happened, may propose his own offer – which the buyer can accept if the initial was to low.

      Often the prices set by the sellers were unrealistic – and it was a mechanism to correct them.

      The emotions when one makes an lower offer and waits for the answer were nice. The level of emotions was proportional to the discount offered and the total buyer cost.

      Anyway, it is you decision, but my feeling is that the platform transforms into one of the other – all the same. It is free market and buyers and sellers are free to move around.

  4. This is a perfect change.

  5. I have items with watchers. Is there a way I can make an offer to them.

  6. Very good news.100%

  7. I am not happy with lower bids.
    Delcampe do not ask what I want-I am the owner of the items!
    I want to get offers only to 10% lower!!!

  8. I have not been turned down with my offers YET, just two so far, but then I am more than happy to pay the asked price…(and some sellers do not give the option of Registered mail). What I would like to see is one member kicked off the site for TOTALLY over-charging for their item, and if they don’t sell, it just gets relisted again and again ad infinitum…
    I have already contacted you about this person, but I see he is still asking the same HIGH price. Yes, It is up to us the buyers, to say yay or nay for an item, but when you can purchase this item for UNDER Euro-50 it makes one wonder about the greediness of the seller…
    Other than that, I am very happy with your website and the offerings it gives me, I just wish I was richer to be able to purchase even more for my subject… LOL

  9. I would like to be able to communicate with people watching my items. May be this will encourage more sales