Do you sell on Delcampe? Did you know that items with a good image are much more likely to sell?

A good image sounds relatively simple

And yet, how often do we find ourselves looking at a blurry, too dark or too light photo, taken in such a way that makes sure that the item is not enhanced.

To succeed, choose a bright place without being in front of a window. Ideally, take your picture during the day or with sufficient lighting. If necessary, use image editing software. Any one of them will make suggestions to lighten or contrast an image.

Make sure to take a close-up. The first inspection by potential buyers is in the form of a gallery of items. If they do not see your image, they probably won’t take the time to click on the thumbnail.

A blurry image is anything but professional.. If you moved while taking the picture, take another one. In the age of digital devices, it costs absolutely nothing, after all!

Keep your item in an upright position when taking the picture. It will be more eye-catching.

Is your item accompanied by an expert certificate? Display it! Your images are there to showcase your item as much as possible, and in the best way!

When you add your pictures on the website, make sure your item is upright and in the proper direction.

Make sure that the background is a neutral color so that it is the item and not the background that is highlighted.Make sure to use a contrasting background. For example, avoid white on a white background.

On Delcampe, you may have up to 99 photos per item. So, don’t be stingy! Are you selling a 3D item? Take several pictures to show its completeness. Your buyer will be able to take the time to examine it from every angle! They will therefore buy an item knowing that it would have a small defect and thereby avoiding possible disputes.

The scanner is indeed your ally, however…

Scan in high definition where possible so that the item is clearly visible.

By following these very basic tips, we’re certain that you can increase the interest of buyers in your items. They will be very grateful to you and your sales figures on Delcampe should be affected.

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Written by Héloïse

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  1. It is also important to scan the entire object.

    I sell postcards on Delcampe and I always show the border of each postcard. I have noticed that it is common for other dealers to crop the image and this hides the border edge. This means buyers are unable to determine the exact quality of the postcard.

    In some cases it may be a mistake when scanning, but some sellers deliberately crop all their scanned images.


  3. I have a huge collection of stamps – first day covers philatelic collection- how do I get sale for it! I live in Melbourne & really want to dispose of it! Any suggestions please Rex!

  4. Maybe Delcampe can enforce sellers to use a scan of what they are selling – not to use a stock photo (saying: “you will receive a similar stamp to this” – I believe the scan is the item fot sale – NOT something similar!