Are you a new seller or looking for ideas to improve your revenue? This article is for you! Here are a few basic tips to help you sell your collection items better on Delcampe!

Photos are your best assets to sell better!

Scan showing the entire item

Most Delcampe members are experienced collectors. When they buy a collection item, they like to see it from every angle. Therefore, we encourage sellers to provide many high-quality visuals.

Take the time to take good photos! A fuzzy scan or a poor quality photo will work against you. Many items are for sale on the website. Don’t run the risk that yours will be put aside for those of your competitors simply because they aren’t presented as well.

When you put an item up for sale on Delcampe, you can add up to 99 photos for free. Be sure to use enough. There are several benefits to doing this: you make the item more attractive and anticipate buyers’ questions. Whether you’re selling a stamp, a postcard, a bill or a coin…both facets of the item will be of interest to your potential buyer. Provide these visuals. Is your item supplied with a certificate of authenticity? Show it! That will comfort the collector!

Put items up for sale on a regular basis!

Novelty is what incites most collectors to buy. Do you have many collection items to sell? Post them after separating them into lists. Do you have 1,000 collection items to sell? Sell 100 a day for 10 days. You will get better results than selling all 1,000 at once. In addition, your store will be more attractive because your buyers will always find new items. It’s a great strategy to gain their loyalty!

Relevant titles and categories!

Collectors must be able to find your items easily if you want them to buy. It’s important to think like a collector when you put items up for sale.

Select the right category and be precise! Collectors know what they’re looking for and where to find it. If you simply put your items in a general category, interested buyers may not find them.

It’s also important to use the right titles. Many collectors search by keyword. A descriptive title with the right keywords is a must to ensure that your items appear in your buyers’ lists.

These tips are by no means exhaustive, but provide three main keys to improving online sales of your collection items. If this topic interests you, don’t hesitate to read this section of the blog on a regular basis! Others on the same topic will follow.

Want to put the tips into practice? Selling on Delcampe!

Written by Olivier Laurent

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