The summer season is in full swing at Delcampe ! It's an opportunity for us to concoct some surprises for you, of which this is the first: a brand new home page.

The advantages of this new home page !

– Easy access to the most popular categories.
– More airy navigation thanks to completely redesigned menus throughout the site.
– A clearer reading with larger characters.
Warning! The “Login” button is now at the top left of the page.

Better than words, discover our new home page now!

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Written by Héloïse

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  1. When will Delcampe Pay be available to sellers in Thailand? You promote it as though it is or will be available worldwide.

    • Dear Sir,

      Not for the moment but we will open it as soon as we can. Thank you for your interest in Delcampe Pay.

      Best regards


  2. New home page is great. Thank you.
    BTW, have you changed a font size on “My sale tracking”? Is too big now.

    • Good looking and very easy to use for new delcampe congrats and best regards from indonesian 🙂

      • yunique91,

        are you still actively selling stamps?
        I haven’t seen you on Delcampe.
        I’m still wondering about that 1840 1ST SAXONY STAMP GREEN COLOR, ERROR.

  3. 100 % OK