Did you realize that the Delcampe website is faster than before? Well, you are right. For the past 6 months, our teams have been working to make it easier for you to navigate on Delcampe.

Behind this project, there are mainly two members of the Delcampe team, Céline and Gaëtan. Who better than them will be able to tell you about this project

Hello Céline and Gaëtan, can you explain your role in this project to speed up the website?

Gaëtan : I took care of the development and server part: the purely technical part which requires programming.

Céline : For my part, I took care of the visible part of the project, i.e. the display of the pages, trying to ensure that the new enhancements did not cause any problems for the existing pages.

What’s the result?

Céline : The loading time of most pages on the site is up to twice as fast as before. We have worked in particular on the home page, the item pages, the category pages and the searches.

Gaëtan : We are proud and satisfied with this project which kept us regularly busy for 6 months. We are pleased to see that it is already bearing fruit. Indeed, the number of pages viewed during a visit to the website has increased by almost 10%!

What turned out to be the most complicated part of this project?

Céline : I would say the splitting of heavy files to download. It was important to manage to lighten the page by reducing the number or size of files to be downloaded.

Is this project completed?

Gaëtan : No, we will continue to optimise the site in 2021. Here, we have mainly worked on the pages that concern buyers. We will now work on the sellers’ pages. Especially for the big shops.

Céline : For my part, I am going to work on the mobile version of the site as more and more members are surfing via their mobile phone.


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Written by Héloïse

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  1. Hi, dear Héloïse !

    Happy New Year and Merry Christmas!
    And I want to thank the entire Delcampe Team, including to Céline and Gaëtan!
    I wish all Delcampe employees health, happiness, much joy, success in your work and many years of life!
    Thank you everybody !

    With my best wishes,

  2. I am a computer tech here in the USA. I know the challenges that your team has faced and every visitor to your site can appreciate your work. Well done.

  3. Thanks for improving the website. Much appreciated. When you do the next update please could you consider making the boarder in a darker or another colour between items of each seller on the “All my purchase items” page as it is hard to see on an iPad which purchase is contained within the boarder and sometimes I click on the previous/following purchase item by mistake.

  4. Can you not include boxes for postage rates for one’s items listed. I sell many items of different sizes and weights, and it helps the buyer to have clearly stated in a certain place on the listing what the postage will be, and being able to carry it forward from item to item, rather than having to enter it into the description each time. Certainly from the UK you need four sections – UK, Europe, outside Europe, and USA.