To make someone want to buy a collectable, visuals are essential. This is why it will no longer be possible to put items for sale on Delcampe without a picture.

A beautiful photo is worth the best description and, above all, it attracts the eye and therefore the collector’s envy. We have therefore decided to ask all our sellers to play the game by putting at least one photo per item for sale.

Of course, you are not limited to one photo. On Delcampe, you can add up to 99 photos for free. Don’t hesitate to let buyers know about the rarities of your item or, using our enlargement software, to show some interesting details.

When you put an item up for sale, if you do not put a picture, you will receive an error message. It will be impossible to put it for sale on the website. Delcampe’s sales statistics prove it, an item without a picture has much less chance to be sold and to be sold quickly. Collectors are waiting for your items, make them dream!

For a perfect picture, don’t hesitate to read the article we have dedicated to this topic.

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Written by Héloïse

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  1. Seldom see listings without snaps but it’s an excellent idea which should help collectors and further encourage transparency from sellers.

  2. Not before time – several sellers do not use photos. Another “must” for Delcampe to enforce is to make sure the seller uses the photo of the item that is for sale – NOT A STOCK PIC that says you will receive a similar item to the pic.