A few weeks ago, I was walking through the aisles at Paris-Philex meeting our valued Delcampe sellers and buyers. When I asked them if they were happy with the site, many times I got a "yes, everything is fine overall but I had an issue with a delay with this or that member."

I will therefore take this opportunity to recap on some rules of decorum for all our members to ensure that transactions are completed in the most pleasant way possible.

1) Sellers, be clear!

Take good pictures and write descriptions that are as complete as possible in order to avoid misunderstandings. If the item for sale has a defect, highlight it directly. The buyer will then purchase your item with full knowledge of the facts.



1B) Buyers, ask your questions before buying!

If the descriptions and photos do not seem clear or complete, do not hesitate to ask the seller questions in order to know exactly what you are about to buy. This will avoid any disappointments and unnecessary shipments.

2) Everyone: be courteous

Even if some will tell you that this is a thing of the past, insulting or threatening someone is not the way to solve a problem. 99.5% of the transactions on Delcampe are rated at 100%, but unfortunately, we can never quite avoid a package that goes missing or gets lost in transit. Rather than get angry, contact the other party to find an amicable solution together. You’ll see that between courteous people and goodwill, difficulties are quickly resolved.

In addition, don’t forget that Delcampe provides you with a dispute management tool that will allow you, if necessary, to have access to a moderator who will help both parties in their management of the transaction.

3) No unnecessary delays

The buyer wants his item as soon as possible, the seller wants his money as soon as possible. So, why wait? Don’t procrastinate, the member with whom you make the transaction will be very grateful! If you need additional time, let the other person know as soon as possible. Whether for the purchase of a second item or due to holidays, you will avoid much frustration by taking the time to contact the member with whom you are in transaction. They will be grateful!

4) Leave a feedback and/or a comment

How well did your transaction go? Let other members know. This will make the other member happy and enhance his credibility. In addition, he will probably evaluate you positively too. Take the time to review each of your transactions. It will only take a few moments and it is really important for our members.

The cordial agreement between our members is truly a value that we wish to emanate. I am sure that by following these simple rules, we will be able to grow this on Delcampe, much to the delight of collectors!

Written by Olivier Laurent

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  1. A few vendors refuse paypal .. It is not reasonable to expect people from non euro regions of the world to pay through a bank small amounts

    These vendors do not reply or give postal addresses