There are many postcard collectors at Delcampe and their collections are extremely varied. Are you thinking of starting a collection too? Here are a few ideas to help you choose a topic.

Colour or no colour?

It’s an important first question. It will determine whether you will collect old, semi-modern or modern postcards…Based on what you decide, you will have more or less postcards available to you.

An inspiring place…

At Delcampe, we noticed a long time ago that most collectors start by collecting postcards that show a place they love the way it used to be. It may be a village or the town where they grew up or their favourite holiday spot. Many postcard fans began with places they are familiar with.

Later they sometimes choose places they don’t know but have a direct link to: related to their family name or their first name…The place doesn’t matter, as long as it has some meaning for you and leads to discoveries.

Thousands of subjects

Postcard collecting isn’t limited to places. There are many other possibilities: forgotten trades, famous people, means of transport, a period, science, cooking and sports related cards…up to you to find the subject you have the greatest affinity for.

Illustrator postcards

Some postcard collectors choose an illustrator. There are quite a few big-name ones like Kirchner, Mucha, Peynet…whose postcard illustrations are loved by many fans. Once again, it’s a matter of preference. It’s up to you to choose a subject you really like…If you choose a known illustrator, remember to consider your budget, which will quickly take off, because many postcards are issued in very limited series, which makes them rare…and expensive.


Many collectors also choose postcards related to events. They collect greeting cards or competition or event postcards. Again, there are many options available. We recommend that you limit the subjects of your collection from the start, based on your preferences and your budget.


A few postcard collectors start with this topic. However, many come to it sooner or later when they start to specialise. Many small printers have produced little jewels in the past.

The advantage of postcard collecting is that, in addition to being a fun pastime, the collection can also become a feature of your interior design! The more time you spend on it, the more you’ll want to know about your collection and the more you’ll want to complete it by finding new postcards on your subject. You can find them at fairs and on Delcampe, of course. The site has more postcards than any other in the world.

It’s your turn to choose among thousands of postcards that will give you something to dream about!

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Written by Héloïse

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  1. Always something interesting, thank you Eloise.

  2. An inspiring introduction to picture postcard collecting. Good hunting. Regards Birthe King.

  3. Start a collections of American Blacks on Post Cards. And, also a catalog of Black on Postal Stamps for all over the worlds. I’m just trying to make it easier for young black kids to start stamp collecting.

  4. Thanks delcampe & thank you Heloise for an interesting article. Please keep them coming. If I could make a request, some of my friends and I would love an in-depth piece about Santa Claus postcards and all the various artists & publishers over the years.
    Stay safe

  5. A fascinating hobby.